How Much Does a Credit Card For People With Bad Credit Cost?

A credit cards for people with bad credit comes laden with fees that is not charged on regular credit cards. For people who have never used such a credit card it is easy get too excited with the prospect of getting a credit card and ignore such fee.While having a credit card is an important step in your efforts to re-build your credit history, it is best to get familiarized with the kind of costs that you will be charged on your credit card. So do not be deterred by this fee, rather think of Read more [...]

Credit Card Debt Relief – Why Credit Card Companies Will Agree to Take 50% of Your Balance

Before the recession hit the economy, a 50% lump sum repayment might have, only might have, convince the credit card companies to offer 10% or 15% discount. Of course, even the mere promise of 50% lump sum repayment would not have sufficed. The credit card companies would have expected you to walk in with half the repayment in your hand in liquid cash.Even then, the card companies would have insisted on being convinced why you should get a discount. It would not be incorrect to say that discount Read more [...]

What Will it Cost You Not to Have Online Credit Card Processing?

There are a number of online business owners who have taken a casual look at adding credit card processing services to their sites, seen that there will be monthly fees and charges and stopped looking at that point. Why give the credit card companies their hard-earned money, they reason.One good answer is that they are likely costing themselves money instead of saving money. As more people start shopping online and using their credit card, and more sites add merchant services, the public's expectation Read more [...]

Credit Card Processing

In modern times so many business establishments accept credit cards that many consumers have come to take their use for granted. Between debit cards and credit cards, the world economy is gradually shifting to a "cashless society." True to science-fiction predictions a half-century ago, it's possible that in the near future almost all transactions can be handled without the need of paper money.Of course, this trend leaves businesses with very little choice in the decision to accept credit cards. Read more [...]